Start-Up Dates 2013

For the Attention of All First Year Students and New Students to St. John’s…

Welcome and Orientation Week

In order to facilitate new students into life in St. John’s Central College. Students are required to attend a ‘Welcome and Orientation Session’. A full outline of events will be given on the day.

Essentially this will allow you the opportunity to meet your course group, teachers, familiarise yourself with the college campus and receive provisional timetables.

Please attend the session for your course as specified in the designated room:



Monday September 9th (9.15am – 12.45pm) Venue
Hairdressing Lecture Theatre
Furniture Making Room 103
Musical Instrument Making Room 104
Applied Computer Training (9.30 – 12.45) Room 204
Film Making Room 208-9
Multimedia Room 302
Pharmacy Assistant Room 303
New Pathways (9.30 – 12.45) Room 307
Fashion Design Room 313
Jewellery & Art Metal Craft Room 318
Art Craft & Design Room 403
Interior Design/Design4Homes Room 405
Sustainable Technology L6 Room 412
Cloud Computing L5 Room 316
Tuesday September 10th (9.15am – 12.45pm) Venue
Applied Science Animal Care – Level 5 All Strands Lecture Theatre
Creative Art Technology (10.00  – 12.45 pm) Room 204
Mechanical Engineering Room 307
Applied Science Room 303
New Directions (9.30 – 12.45) Room 313
Computers & eBusiness/Computers & ECDL Room 307
Software Engineering Room 402
Architectural Draughting/Sustainable Energy Room 412
Cartoon Animation Room 413
Graphic Design Room 414
Networks & Web Design Room 415
Cloud Computing L6 Room 316
Wednesday September 11th (9.15am – 12.45pm) Venue
Motor Maintenance Lecture Theatre
Motor Cycle Lecture Theatre
Tourism & eTravel Room 215
Photographic Studies Room 302
Applied Science Environmental Studies Room 303
Computer Game Design Room 316
Creative 3D Design Room 406
Illustration L6 Room 413
IT Sales & Digital Marketing Room 415

All Students – Please Note


  •  It is essential that Full Registration fees must be paid for prior to commencement of your course that is by the 9th of September.

  • All classes will begin Thursday 12th September – provisional class timetables will be issued on the orientation day but are subject to change

If you have any difficulties with these arrangements, or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact the College Office.

Regrettably, the college is unable to facilitate Student Car Parking

Thank you for your cooperation and I take this opportunity once again to wish you the very best during the time that you spend with us in St. John’s


Bertie Og Murphy

College Principal


We want your experience with us to be a happy and productive one…!