Course outline

The class is informal, flexible, friendly and enjoyable.

                 Learn by seeing and doing.

There is a theory element to the course but most of it is guided hands on work, with students encouraged to participate as much as they like keeping health and safety in mind as the learn.

Areas covered are:

  • Safety checks- MOT/NCT.
  • Spoked wheel /wheel checking.
  • Tyre checks.
  • Correct tyre choice.
  • Drum and disc brake operation and refurbishing.
  • Chassis inspection.
  • Forks, shocks and chassis bearings maintenance.
  • Oils/lubrication and cooling system theory, inspection and maintenance.
  • Overhauling the Fuel system carbs. /Ignition systems history, theory and practical.
  • Electrical and charging system, a little bit of the theory of and terminology of Can Bus- the digital control system used today.
  • Bodywork and Paintwork basics.
  • What you should avoid/leave to qualified technicians.
  • Steps taken to put a vehicle into storage and re-commissioning a vehicle that Learning by seeing and doing.


Tutor: John Lucy

Tuesday: 7PM-9.30PM (8 weeks)



Adult Education office Telephone: 086-0410668


Course delivery format and costing may change depending on government guidelines’ around the pandemic.