On completion Learners will be able to:
  • Explain the key terminology associated with personal taxation in preparing and maintaining payroll records both manually and on the computer.
  • Outline the advantages and disadvantages of a computerised system over a manual one for payroll processing purposes.
  • Process the payroll for employee(s), using manual and computerised systems, under the cumulative tax system, to include; various elements of gross pay, holidays, unpaid leave, cut-off points, credits, all statutory and non-statutory deductions.
  • Process the payroll for employee(s), under the emergency and temporary tax systems and subsequent transfer to the cumulative tax system.
  • Demonstrate the changes in personal tax due to various factors to include; mid-year commencement and leaving of employment, changes in credits,refunds.
  • Extract information from completed records to prepare all necessary mid – year and year end tax forms for employees.
  • Extract information from completed records to prepare all necessary end – of-period and year end returns and tax forms for the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Assess the effect of using alternative assessment methods to calculate the annual tax liability of
  • married couples.
  • Analyse the impact of changes in legislation on personal tax and take -home pay by comparing two tax years
  • Print a selection of reports after backing up computerised data on a suitable medium.

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