Speakers of Languages other than English

As part our application process Speakers of Languages other than English are requested to attend for a language examination in English.
The test is given in order to gauge your level and standard of English.

The examination consists of:

Part One: Listening Comprehension

Part Two: Grammar

Part Three: Grammar and sentence construction

Part Four: Cloze Test

Part Five: Written section.

Candidates should bring photo identification, (stamp 4, passport, national identity card or other is acceptable)

If candidates cannot attend on the day of the examination they should contact the admissions office as soon as possible.
A limited number of examinations will take place over the enrolling period – these will be notified prior to each round of interviews.


Candidates who have sat the Leaving Certificate in Ireland and who have taken English as a subject can proceed straight to registration,
but need proof that they have take the subject to the Leaving Certificate Level.

After the examination:

Once candidates have successfully passed the test, the college will notify candidates and will be issued with a card which allows registration to take place.

International students will have to pay full student charges and Department of Education & Skills fees before a letter will be issued regarding a student visa.

The college will not engage in any way in the process of visa applications.