Back to Education Allowance How to Apply

3: How to Apply

When you are accepted on a course, you should notify the Department of Social Protection by filling in the Back to Education Allowance application form (pdf), which is also available from your Social Welfare Local Office.

You must get written confirmation that you are registered as a full-time day student from the college registrar or admission officer. You will not get payment of BTEA or the Cost of Education Allowance until you give this confirmation letter to the Department of Social Protection.

If you are not fully registered because your college is awaiting payment of the student services charge (also known as the registration fee) from your local authority or VEC, you must get a letter from the college explaining this so that you can get paid BTEA.

You must apply for BTEA before starting an approved course. A late application will be accepted if there is a good reason for it being late and it is received by the relevant section in the Department within 30 days of the course starting.

Send you application to the section in the Department of Social Protection that deals with your payments – see ‘Where to apply’ below.