Course:Eat Yourself to Success

Course combines latest research in Nutrition, health, fitness and life coaching techniques to help students transform their life and their health through proper understanding of the role different foods play in our bodies. Proper guidance on exercises to support weight loss and a stronger and fitter body and mind.

Course Content:
Nutrition : Basics for healthy eating, weight loss, strong immunity,food intolerances, digestive disorders, detoxification, healthy fats and nutritional supplements.
Life coaching & Exercise : Understanding failure, improving thinking and goal setting.
Types of exercise and what they do to the body.
Use of heart rate monitor to exact your training zone and maximise weight loss/ lung capacity and strength.
Balancing sleep, relaxation, friends and family, work, diet and exercise in your life. Basic rules to a healthy lifestyle, and motivational talks by an ex special forces, fitness instructor and life coach expert.

Tutor: Agata Hidalgo NT Nutritional Therapist,

Start Date:Course begins on the 03/10/2017 . 19:00-21:00 cost €100 for 8 weeks