International Projects Schedule 2011 / 2012

Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Projects

  • Gothenburg Sweden:  3 Weeks, February (Hairdressing, Tourism, Animal Care)
  • Brakel Germany: 3 Weeks. February (Computer Students, Hairdressing, Furniture, Motor, )
  • Oldenburgh Germany  3 weeks February (Computing / Business/Tourism)
  • Bayreuth Germany: 3 Weeks, February (Open to all)
  • Cholet France: 3 Weeks, February (Open to all)
  • Zwolle The Netherlands: 3 Weeks,  (Art, Interior design)
  • Emmen The Netherlands: 3 Weeks, May (Animal Care)
  • Budapest Hungary: 3 weeks, (Business, Video, Publishing) May
  • Övertorneå Sweden: 3 weeks, February (IT, Multimedia, Games Design, Animal Care, Environmental Science)
  • IES Ribera del Tajo, Talavera, Spain 3 weeks May (date and subject areas to be confirmed)
  • Lycée Professionnel Jean-Pierre Champo, Mauléon 3 weeks May (date and subject areas to be confirmed)
  • Koblenz Germany: 2 months, September 2013 (Furniture, Motor, Multimedia)


All dates are provisional, subject areas are given only as a guide. Every effort will be made to facilitate all course / subject areas on projects.