Horsemen Project


St. John’s Central College is a partner on the Leonardo da Vinci “Horsemen Project”. The aim of the project is the development and implementation of one or more certified courses on horse-care specifically focused towards Travellers and Roma.

It was envisaged that the development of these new courses would encourage the client group to re enter the labour market. Partners from Ireland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium and Spain participated on the project.

Presently Travellers and Roma do not have the requisite educational attainment to benefit from the formal Horse-care courses that are available from mainstream providers. It was envisaged that the client group would inform the courses developed themselves and that the challenges for the providers would be to integrate the real life experiences of Travellers and Roma in horse care into the course.

It was expected that the project would involve the development of a programme that will be accredited by the appropriate qualifications authority in each partnership country: FETAC, NCV A LOBAS, OKEV etc. It may ultimately be possible to achieve a certificate for the course that may be credited at European Level.