Berufsbildende Schulen Wechloy

The “Berufsbildende Schulen Wechloy (BBS Wechloy) are a vocational training centre focussing on business, administration and commerce. The training centre is located in Wechloy, a part of Oldenburg. Oldenburg is a university city in the north of Lower Saxony with about 160,000.00 inhabitants. The quite new training centre (10 years’ anniversary on 1 February 2011) offers various training courses in different school forms and types.

On the one hand part-time courses within the German Dual System of Vocational Training are offered in Vocations such as retailing, wholesaling and export, banking, insurances, tax, logistics, tourism, car dealing, marketing, sports and fitness, legal assistants, social security services, job centres etc. On the other hand the training centre offers full-time trainings (thus no training on the job except as internees) in the areas business assistants for languages and correspondence and business assistants for information technology.

In addition full-time courses in business studies and administration are offered to students who want to gain their entry qualification for polytechnic or university. At present more than 3,200 students/trainees have enrolled and are taught by 115 teachers including teacher trainees. The BBS Wechloy have been engaged in international mobility projects since 2005 and have built up partnerships to Spain, Malta, Italy, Poland, Serbia, France, Ireland and Norway. In March the training centre has been awarded the title “European College”.