Grundtvig 2008/2010 Project WHITE

Project Partners: 

  • Volkshochschule Landkreis Regen, Germany
  • CEPA Francisco Largo Caballero, Spain
  • INNOVA Länsi-Suomen aikuiskoulutuskeskus, Finland
  • Ecole Industrielle Marcinelle-Monceau, Belgium
  • Budapesti Kommunikacios es Üzleti Föiskola, Hungary
  • Open Educational Union, Tartu Centre, Estonia
  • Kusadasi Milli Egitim Müdürlügü, Turkey

Project Title:
Ways of Helping Immigrants Through Education (WHITE) 2008/2010??

Project Description
?The project was based on the fact, that social integration and inclusion of migrants is a problem in all European countries. The main aim of this partnership was to find and identify transferable best practices used in the members of the partnership,which support social inclusion of imigrants through education and training.The partnership also improved the intercultural competences in the member countries and organisations. The partners have researched, analysed and compiled related materials and activities on their regional and national level.After know how transfer each partner adapted their experiences, recommendations and good practices in their institutions and have spread it out in their own network and media.

Project Brochure