Grundtvig Projects

Grundtvig Learning Partnership
Grundtvig Learning Partnership projects emphasise the process of establishing collaborations between providers of adult education in different countries. Education partnerships, can for example involve small-scale joint projects around a specific theme or the organisation of conferences, exhibitions and visits in order to exchange experiences, practices and methods. These outcomes can take the form of: the development of models of good practice, development of teaching and learning material for staff and learners, Website, videos, newsletters or magazines. Dissemination is an essential element of these projects.

Disadvantage Convening an Educational Response (DISCOVER) 2010  / 2012

During the learning partnership we intend to examine the topic of “disadvantage” and how an educational response to disadvantage might be convened ie. identifying the educational needs of disadvantaged adults, organizing courses to fill these needs and adopting strategies to remove barriers that may exist to their participation in education.

Ways of Helping Immigrants Through Education (WHITE) 2008/2010

The project was based on the fact, that social integration and inclusion of migrants is a problem in all European countries. The main aim of this partnership was to find and identify transferable best practices which support social inclusion of imigrants through education and training.

Lifelong Information on Studies and Training for Educational Needs (LISTEN)

The project aims to trace the motivations which drive adult learners coming from different experiences and situations to start school again, and so to develop and increase the motivation to learning of disadvantaged adults (young people socially marginalized, unemployed, people in prison etc.), to improve the professional skills and competence  of the teachers through the exchange of good practice.