Comenius Language Projects

Comenius Projects

Comenius Bilateral Projects seek to increase young people’s motivation, capacity and confidence to communicate in other European languages. A Comenius Bilateral Project is carried out by groups of people from partner schools in two participating countries developing a project over the course of two academic years. The most important part of a Bilateral Project is the exchange of the students involved. The exchange phase is reciprocal and takes the form of two 14 day periods spent in each partner country working on aspects of the Project. The project results in a ‘product’ produced jointly by the two groups of students in the languages of the two partners.

Kreisberufskolleg Brakel, Brakel, Germany?Adolph Kolping Berufskolleg, Brakel is situated in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. Our association with AKB Brakel stretches back to the mid 1990’s.  A number of students exchanges have taken place funded through the Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci programme. Over the years a strong relationship with the staff of AKB Brakel has been established and future joint projects are planned.