International Projects



Each year a number of students from St. John’s Central College are given the opportunity to participate in work placement in other European Union countries. This activity is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus + (KA1) program through the Irish national agency Léargas. Our partner countries in this activity include Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Turkey and Slovenia. Students from each of our partner colleges also come to Cork on work placement with St. John’s Central College hosting their stay.

We are also actively involved in both Student and Teacher projects funded under the Erasmus + (KA2) program. These include school partnership projects and projects involving the development of educational strategies and products. The development of International projects is an ongoing process and forms a part of the internationalisation strategy of the college. Enthusiastic student involvement is essential to the success of these projects.



International Projects Partners 2011 / 2012
Leonardo da Vinci (Mobility Project)


Section Professionnelle Lycee Europe Robert Schuman, Cholet
Lycée Professionnel Jean-Pierre Champo, Mauléon


Handwerkskammer, Koblenz
Kreisberufskolleg Brakel
Fachoberschule und Berufsoberschule, Bayreuth
Berufsbildende Schulen Wechloy, Oldenburg

Schola Europa Akademia, Budapest.

Ulbildningscentrum Nord (Arctic Vocational Foundation)
Burgardens Ulbildningscentrum, Goteborg.
The Netherlands

Deltion College, Zwolle
AOC Terra, Emmen.

IES Ribera del Tajo, Talavera

Grundtvig Project


Project: Disadvantage: Convening and Educational Response

Centro de Educación de Personas Adultas “Francisco Largo Caballero”, Talavera, Spain
Ecole Industrielle Marcinelle-Monceau, Belgium
Prosecco Ltd., Tallin, Estonia
Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy Winnova, Rauma, Finland
Volkshochschule für den Landkreis Regen, Germany
Budapesti Kommunikációs és Üzleti F?iskola, Hungary
Ku?adas? Hasan Fatma Önal Anadolu Lisesi Okul Aile Birli?i, Kusadasi Turkey
Project: elearning in use

netEdukacja Gra?yna Krol, Gliwice, Poland
Asotziatzia Kvalifikatzia i karierno razvitie, Sofia, Bulgaria
Institut Educacio Secundaria Antonio Jose Cavanilles, Alicante, Spain
Adana Her Yasta Egitim Dernegi, Adana, Turkey

Comenius Project

Hasan Fatma Önal Anadolu Lisesi, Kuadasi, Turkey

Other Partners

Shanghai Zhonghua Vocational School, China

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Further details of current projects and application forms are available through the european projects section of the library homepage
or contact the projects co-ordinator, ?Gerald Brennan ?Tel: +353 21 4255580