Cork Cine Club presents The Giants (Les Géants – Belgium) on Thursday 11 April at 8pm in St. John’s Central College.  Everyone attending will be entered into a draw to win a this big, beautiful poster from the film!

The latest film from Belgian actor-turned-director Bouli Lanners, The Giants takes its cue from Mark Twain in exploring uncharted adolescent adventure.  Two brothers expect yet another dull summer, until  Danny arrives and they begin the most perilous and greatest journey of their lives. 
The teen-aged protagonists and their tag-along friend navigate a summer by themselves in an abandoned country cottage. As they scavenge for food, hunt for pot, and pursue hilarious harebrained schemes to make money, they find their bravado repeatedly punctured by the rigours of an adult world they cannot comprehend. 
Bouli Lanners was a painter before he turned to acting and filmmaking, and his film is shot with a painter’s eye for the lush Belgian countryside.  Filled with bittersweet humour and a feel for the rhythms of working class life, The Giants is a funny yet melancholic ode to the idleness, adventures and fears of adolescence. 
Winner – The Art of Cinema Award, 2011 Cannes Film Festival
“a lovely drunken roll of a movie, brightly played by its adolescent cast, luxuriating in a Belgian countryside of whispering grass and fairytale forests” – The Guardian
Director: Bouli Lanners.  Belgium, 2011. 84 minutes.  Cert: CLUB.  Language: French (subtitled).  
The final film in Cork Cine Club’s eighth season is A SIMPLE LIFE (China) on Thursday 18 April. 
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