Conversational Irish for Beginners

This foundation course in conversational Irish covers the fundamentals required for achieving a good basis in conversational Irish. The course is aimed at those who have no prior education in Irish language or who now know only a few words and phrases.

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Barbering Introduction

Is barbering for you, are you considering a career in Barbering. The Barbering industry is a thriving and has experienced a huge rival in recent years. This course for beginners will introduce you to all the basic skills required to be successful in this fast paced industry.

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Web Design

This course introduces participants to web design through HTML and Dreamweaver, also making use of free software and free online hosting for students to publish and maintain their websites.

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Innovative Pattern Drafting

This course provides an innovative and relevant training programme for people who want to discover how to use 2d (paper pattern drafting) and 3d (draping) techniques together as a contemporary, experimental tool to design and create garments

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