Course delivered over 8 weeks

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance teaches you how to keep your bicycle in perfect working order, covering  cleaning your bicycle, puncture repair, brake alignment and maintenance, gear indexing, cable replacement, and drivechain maintenance. 

Course includes:

-parts of the bicycle

-ABCD check (air, Brakes Chain, Drop)

-getting on the road, puncture repair, 

-regular maintenance and cleaning

-fitting wheels

-specialised tools and how to use them workshop safety

-fitting brake pads and cables and checking for wear

-Chains and drivechain; checking for wear and fitting a new chain

-what different sounds mean, 

-wear and damage to cogs, etc. gear adjustment

-replacing freewheels and cassettes 

-different gear shifters

-changing gear cables, 

-checking for wear in rotational systems (cones, bearings, headsets)

-introduction to refurbishment of rotational systems (ball bearings in races)

-introduction to wheel truing


Contact: Ulick O’Beirne