Here at St. Johns, we run the level 6 in animal grooming. Level 6 is an intense year. For the student to gain the knowledge they require. We therefore advise the following.

Advisable entry  requirements on applying to Animal Grooming, Level 6

  • Completion of animal grooming level 5
  • Have 85% attendance in the practical classes throughout level 5 year.
  • The candidate should have achieved a result of 30 or over in the practical skills demonstration.
  • The applicant should be capable in completing a grooming procedure of a dog from start to finish, involving health check, assessment, grooming plan, handling the tools required for the breed standard correctly.
  • Be competent in the handling of a verity of tools- Shedder, Slicker, knot-breaker, rake, straight scissors, and thinning scissors, in the running of a clippers and the verity of blades, in the assessment of the animal identifying what procedure to carry out.
  • Be capable to identify different coat types and their functions
  • Present a copy of level 5 learner’s journal, along with a personal portfolio consisting of a written account of 30 dogs with photographic evidence with a brief description of procedure carried out. On applying for entry to level 6.


This is a QQI Level 6 certified course running for 22 weeks. You must have QQI Level 5 already completed before commencing this course

Contact Elizabeth Sullivan for further details