Quality Assurance

B1 Communications
  Communication with Learners Grievance Procedure
  Communication with Staff Complaints Procedure
  Communication with other Stakeholders
B2 Equality
  Equality Training  
  Equality Planning  
B3 Staff Recruitment and Development
  Staff Recruitment and Allocation Professional Practice Policy
  Staff Induction  Anti Bullying Policy
  Staff Development The Role of the Coordinator
B4 Access, Transfer and Progression
  Information Provision Procedure Admissions Policy
  Learner Entry Procedure Admissions Procedures
  Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure Students Codes of Conduct
  Facilitating Diversity Procedure Attendance Policy
  Mid Term Progress Interviews Procedures Complaints Procedures
    Student Intake and Interview Procedures
    Students Contracts Policy
    Learner Support Policy
  Disability Procedure Policy Disability Code of Practice
    Learner Orientation Procedure
    Course Transfer Procedure
  Off Campus Activities Policy Off Campus Activity Template
B5 Programme Development, Delivery and Review
  Need Identification Learner Illness Procedures
  Programme Design Overnight Trips Procedures
  Programme Approval Discipline Procedure
  Programme Planning Course Review & Industrial Liaison
  Programme Delivery Course Feedback Form
  Programme Review  Learner Records
  Provision and Maintenance of Resources  
  St. John’s Central College Safety Statement Rev 3  Health and Safety Procedures
  Review Cycle of Existing Programmes  
B6 Fair and Consistent Assessment of Learners
  Coordinated Planning Assessment Procedures
  Information to Learners Assessment Regulations
  Security Exam Preparation Procedure
  Reasonable Accommodation Exam Operation Procedures
  Consistency Between Assessors Exam Invigilation Procedures
  Assessment Performed By ThirdParties Plagiarism Policy
  Consistency with national standards Deadline Policy
  Feedback to Learners Maintenance Grant Policy
  Learner Appeals Exemption to Deadline Policy
  Return of Certification Data Feedback Assessment Procedure
  Corrective Action  
B7 Protection for Learners
  Cessation of Programme  
B8 Sub-contracting/Procuring Programme Delivery
  Selection of second provider  
  Contract Arrangements  
  Reporting Arrangements  
  Monitoring Arrangements  
B9 Self Evaluation of Programmes and Services
  Assignment of Responsibility  
  Learner Involvement  
  Selection of External Evaluator