Web-Design & The Internet L4 QQI Level 4 Web Design 4N1122 Week of 1st May 2017 10 weeks

 Preparation for the Workplace L3

QQI Level 3 Introduction to Computer Literacy 3N0881

Week of 24 April 2017  10 weeks

Digital Media Technology L4

QQI Level 4 Digital Media Technology 4N1858

Week of 1st May 2017  10 weeks

Information Technology for Beginners L4

 QQI Level 4 Computer Applications 4N1112

 Week of 24 April 2017 10 weeks 

Communication Skills L3

 QQI Level 3 Communications 3N08800

TBA 10 weeks

Everyday English L3 

QQI L3 English as a Second Language 3N0870 Week of 2 October 2017  10 weeks
Be Ready for the Workplace L4 QQI Level 4 Communications 4N0689

QQI Work Experience 4N1168

Week of 2 October 2017 10 weeks
Everyday English L4 QI Level 4 English as a Second Language 4N1180 Week of 2 October 2017  10 weeks

Introduction to Digital Media L3

QQI Level 3 Internet Skills 3N0931  TBA 2017  10 weeks

Retail Sales L4

QQI Level 4 Retail Sales Techniques 4N1989

QQI Level 4 Work Experience 4N1168

TBA 2017  10 weeks

Laboratory Techniques L4

QQI Level 4 Laboratory Techniques 4N2825

 TBA 2017  10 weeks