Guidance & Counselling Service

The goal of the Guidance and Counselling Service is to support all full-time students in their career, educational and personal development by providing a professional and caring service for students. The Service offers both career guidance and personal counselling to students of all ages, nationalities and educational backgrounds. It has a team of three Guidance Counsellors/Counsellors. The Service is very accessible to students, as well as offering individual appoinments to students, it also operates a daily drop in service where students can come to make an appointment, ask a question, get help, information and/or support. It also provides: educational information talks, class visits, up to date take away careers/educational information, email information service to students and access to relevant self help and career related books. Students are invited and actively encouraged to visit the Guidance and Counselling Service throughout the academic year.


Guidelines from The Guidance & Counselling Service  for understanding  Progression Links:

  • All courses in this Prospectus are either QQI Level 5 or QQI Level 6  have a QQI Award Code e.g. 5M2061 – Mechanical Engineering
  • All courses have a minimum of 8 modules and all modules have individual component codes 
  • Progression to Higher Education (HE) is on the basis of achieving a full award (major) at QQI Level 5 or QQI Level 6 
  • The listed links in this Prospectus are with the Higher Education Institutions that St. John’s Central College consider to be the most relevant links  
  • QQI links with the HEI’s are subject to change. For a complete listing of all QQI Level 5 and Level 6  links with Higher Education Institutions please consult .
  • For the majority of Level 6 and Level 7 courses in Institutes of Technology, the minimum entry requriment is a full QQI Level 5 or Level 6 award with “Any” QQI major award with either Leaving Certificate Maths (OD3) or a pass on a Level 5 QQI Maths module.
  • As Maths may be requried as an entry requirement for progression purposes, in St. John’s Central College Maths is offered as an optional module to students, except where Maths is already part of the award.
  • Special links have been developed between CIT and St. John’s Central College these have been established under the Cork Colleges Progression Scheme.
  • Other relevent links include Tralee Insitute of Technology, Waterford Institute of Technology and Limerick Institute of Technology
  • Some QQI Level 6 courses/QQI Level 6 awards  have advanced entry options/agreements with specific Higher Education Institutions e.g. CIT, ITT, WIT and LIT
  • Some of the linked courses in Higher Education Institutions may require a specific award,  specific grade and/or specific module requirments (especially Level 8 courses)
  • Some courses, especially Art and Design Courses and some Media Technology Courses, may have entrance criteria such as portfolios and/or interviews
  • CAO points can be earned for application to Higher Education Institutes by successfully

completing a full QQI Level 5 or Level 6 award

  • QQI awards are recognised in many HEI’S in the UK and the EU. Application to the UK is via and to other EU Institutes are per the application process of that country-check with the Service.
  • A major award may be achieved over more than one year. However, some institutions (usually universities) require that an applicant’s major award must be achieved and/or scored in a single sitting
  • John’s Central College strongly recommend you to refer to each individual Higher Education Institution Website for a full listing of linked QQI awards 
  • We advise you to consult the CAO website – cao.ieand to confirm specific entry requriments for Higher Educaiton Institutions