Introduction to Art History and Art Appreciation

//Introduction to Art History and Art Appreciation

Introduction to Art History and Art Appreciation

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Introduction to Art History and Art Appreciation

Course delivered over 10 weeks



ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS WELCOME! A lively and highly enjoyable introduction to major artists & movements from the 19th century to present time.

In this fantastically dynamic, entertaining class, you will discover key movements, major artists and techniques in a new light, be inspired and marvel at beautiful works of arts you have never seen in such detail.
Besides rediscovering famous work of arts by learning their actual context in history, participants will: – Learn how to identify the techniques used, – Discover notable female artists from each period, as well as other less recognised art movements and artists, – Build or further their understanding of the major periods of Western Art History, – and Have a genuinely rewarding and enjoyable time!

Course Content:
– 19th century movements, Raphaelite Brotherhood, Symbolism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Nabis, Pointilisme, Cloisonnism, Pre- Expressionism, Fauvisme, Cubism, Abstraction and more…

Hand-outs with main subjects, titles of art work and suggested bibliography will be given at the beginning of each class.

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