Course delivered over 8 weeks


As society is becoming increasingly inter platform this course focuses on a more amalgamated, adaptive and improvised approach on creativity. The course is a response to the current and future roles which designers/artists will occupy. You will be supported in researching methods, selecting materials, responding to
your environment, constructing ideas and presenting work which fully articulates  your own expressive responses without disciplinary boundaries. You will attempt and explore your ideas in various contexts, continuously linking to the next area of exploration. This
may lead to an object, product, garment, imagery, 3d model, drawing or all of the above.

Design is repetitive, unexpected and relational; generating and contrasting several parallel possibilities for e.g an object, a material, a space is a tool to enhance your critical and analytical skills as you prototype innovative solutions through project based learning. The courses exploratory and experimental agenda will provide
you with a body of work that will span across disciplines illustrating your ability to think, create and relate ideas in various ways.

Topics covered include:

analytical and conceptual 3D model making/prototyping.

exploring contexts and scale.

exploration/application of materials.

research methods

abstracting research/compositions.

hand/computer drawing/image making


Contact: Joanne Power