International Students from Non – E.U. countries

International Students from Non -E.U. countries, with the exception of applicants who have special leave to remain in Ireland, are obliged to pay a
Department of Education fee of €3,653 (subject to change) and the Department of Education PLC Programme Participant Contribution of €200 plus the relevant course fees.

Applicants who fulfill all of the above criteria i.e

  • Have fulfilled the language criteria.
  • Have been offered a college place.
  • Have paid the full fee.

will be provided with a letter from the college to assist with the application for a student visa.

Visa applicants should note that visas will only be granted to students who study a course listed on the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland website under the link Internationalisation Register. Applicants should consult this website and check St John’s Central College courses listed on the Internationalisation Register – List of Approved Courses.

It is the responsibility of the prospective student to deal with the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform. Under no circumstances will the college become involved in this process.

Students who are granted a student visa must provide the college with a copy of this documentation.

Students who do not succeed in acquiring a visa, are entitled to a refund.

Those requiring a refund must produce the receipt issued by the college as proof of the fee paid.