How to Apply


Full Time Day Programmes

Applications are invited from early January of each year or once the college’s Online Admissions System becomes live.

Step 1

An online application form (only in exceptional circumstance should a hard copy application form be completed) and submitted through the college’s Admissions System accessed through the college website All applications are acknowledged by an automated email.
Currently the college operates three round of offers in March, May and late August/early September, however some programmes alternate interview arrangements posted on individual programme pages on the college website.

Step 2

Places are offered subject a satisfactory interview and meeting the requirements of the programme as laid out in the individual course outlines as displayed in the college website.
Once the criteria above are met a Letter of Offer is issued outlining the registration process and charges to be paid. Upon receipt of a Letter of offer, a successful applicant may secure a place on the programme by paying within 5 working days a minimum deposit. Applicants will forfeit their place of offer if the registration process as laid down is not adhered to.

The procedure for online payments is as follows:

  • A minimum deposit as outlined in the Letter of Offer must be paid online by the applicant using his/her username and password on the St John’s Admissions System and the balance of charges must be paid before class commences.
  • Applicants are requested to present a Birth Certificate or Passport and a certified copy of their Leaving Certificate results if available.

Medical Card Holders & Vocational, Training and Opportunities Scheme (VTOS), New Directions and Applied Computer Training applicants:

  • Medical Card Holders may exempt from exam fees and reduce the balance of their charges.
  • There are no charges to VTOS applicants, and funded programmes such as New Directions and Applied Computer Training applicants

Refund of Payments

  • Where a student subsequently does not take up their place on a course they may apply for a refund. Refunds will not be paid after October 31st in any year.
  • In the case of all Refunds, a charge will be retained by the College to cover Administration Costs incurred.
  • Should there be a difficulty with any of the above; the college will help in any possible.

Commencement of Course

Courses begin in mid-September with a Welcome & Orientation Session. Participants who do not attend the first day of the course my forfeit their place unless written notice is received to the college admissions office beforehand.

Part Time Day Programmes

Part Time Day Programmes are generally of two types:

  • Back to Education Initiative
  • Skills Sampling

These can be applied for online through the website

Night School

Applicants attending Adult Education classes provided at night. Details of which are posted on the college website are charged the appropriate fees for the course. Any examination/ student registration fees charged by a Professional Body will be in addition to the tuition fees. Enrolment for such courses is by means of an online application through the college website and the appropriate online fee paid.

Applicants are advised to consult the evening prospectus published twice yearly by the Adult Education Director. Enrolment dates will vary from year to year and term to term. The CCVEC and the college will endeavour to ensure the completion of a course once it has commenced. All courses may be subject to timetable changes from time to time.

Applications can be made online through the website