Digital Photography QQI Level 5

//Digital Photography QQI Level 5

Digital Photography QQI Level 5

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Learners will be able to:

1 Explain the inter-relationship between the theory and practice of photography

2 Outline the role of digital photography as a contemporary medium of communication

3 Explain the functions of the principal components of a digital camera and or digital SLR camera

4 Describe the functions and uses of camera lenses and camera accessories

5 Explain key elements in a computer workstation layout

6 Expose photographs correctly by controlling shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance

7 Apply the correct digital editing tools and practices to produce high-quality final images

8 Experiment with various elements of composition

9 Illustrate individual creativity through the practice of photography

10 Save and store images appropriately

11 Construct a portfolio of work suitable for professionalpresentation

12 Work independently in a disciplined professional manner

13 Practice time management in completing work

14 Make informed critical judgment of completed work.


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