Course delivered over 8 weeks

Beginners Digital Photography
This course is aimed at the beginner photographer to better understand your digital camera and create with confidence the types of photographs you’ve always wanted to make. The course is designed to give you a guided ‘hands on’ tuition of your camera’s settings and functions through practical demonstration and two field trips. Creative aspects of photography are introduced through slideshows to inspire you to compose better shots and go beyond basic ‘point and shoot’. To get the best out of the course you are encouraged to try out techniques introduced in class for feedback on your own photographs.
Digital SLR’s, Bridge and Compact cameras are covered on this course. Over the 8 weeks the following content is mainly covered:
• How photography is used in the world today
• Camera settings and functions explained
• Introduction to camera equipment, memory cards, lenses, flash etc.
• Getting exposure right and basic lighting techniques
• Two field trips – a night shoot and a day shoot
• Understanding composition and tips to compose better photographs.
• Uploading, organizing and saving your photographs
• Basic image editing techniques to enhance your pictures

Contact :Colette Lewis