New Teaching Methods For Adults

New-Teaching-Methods-LogoThe main aim of this Grundtvig partnership was to find and explore new methods for teaching adults. That is, to find new ways to motivate learners so that they can obtain the necessary qualifications to continue studying or to access the labour market. During the project the participating organizations explored how they could utilise tools such as films, e-learning, mobilities and team work. That is, creative ways to present traditional contents in order to help learners to acquire the basic competencies of the different educative curricula and to develop some of the necessary skills for employability that will enable learners to adapt to a wider range of working contexts.




Initially each organization was assigned one method and worked in depth with the chosen tool. The partners then shared their experiences with each other and a significant amount of time was given to discussing the merits of each teaching method as well as difficulties that might make a method ineffective. Each institute took a method from their partner and attempted to implement the idea in their own classrooms. The project was divided into two phases:

1st phase: Was dedicated to research, find information and develop ideas related to the different didactic methods. At the end of this period a first draft manual was created.

2nd phase: The ideas reflected on the draft manual were put into practice and they were applied in the partner institute classrooms. Corrections and improvements to each teaching method were exchanged and a final manual was produced. Description of the methods, findings, conclusions and recommendations were collected and a good practises manual for adult educators was produced.


Project Partners

Spain               CEPA Río Sorbe,

Turkey             Esenler İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü,

Poland             netEDUKACJA Sp. z o.o.


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