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Using Technology without losing ourselves

Using Technology without losing ourselves


A Youth project aimed at examining the positive and negative effects of developing technology, especially on young people, to raise consciousness of young people in using modern technological devices. The project was aimed at developing the ability to properly use modern technology and to stimulate young people to present their afterthoughts on the dangers connected with modern technologies. It is to convince young people that technology is not the only way of living and being social but they also need to be physically, mentally and socially active on a face to face basis.

This project also encouraged the students to develop strong bonds with their peers from another country and another culture, not only in the virtual world. We want to make them realize that humanistic and technical environments can intermingle. During the project we organised outdoor activities for the young people during which they enjoyed nature at its best, organization of workshops with the aim of presenting them with the security measures for new technologies, brainstorming activities about the development of technology and its best and worst usages, presentations and other activities.

We are prepared a photo exhibition about the development of technology and its pros and cons for all the partner countries. This project also aims to provide information to the students about the health issues related to the overuse of technology, reinform them about the importance of creativity and social life and to show them that there is a great and big world outside of the confines of their computers, games consoles, mobile phones etc.


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