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Computers & Business Applications L6


QQI Business Level 6, Code 6M4985

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The Computing and e-Business course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the growing field of Information Technology and Computer Services within the wider business community. The course covers the areas of Business Management, e-Business, Payroll and Web Authoring in order to equip the student fully with the necessary skills, both theory and practical for their future career.

Entry Requirements

QQI Level 5 Award in eBusiness or in a related area is required.


One-year full time

  Student Charges

Fee exemptions may apply ⇒

 Student Services €250
 QQI Fee  €80
 Gov PLC Fee €200
 Materials  €50
TOTAL €580


Course Outline

Code Title
6N1950 Communications
6N1949 Personal & Professional Development
6N4977 Word Processing
6N4310 Business Management
5N1546 Payroll – Manual and Computerised
6N0697 Customer Service
5N1833 Mathematics
6N4188 Marketing Management
6N4089 Spreadsheet Methods
5N0785 Desktop Publishing



Education Progression Opportunities

UCC:P CK101, CK105, CK107, CK108, CK109, CK113, CK117, CK118, CK210, CK301, CK307, CK 502, CK506

CIT: CR_BBUSE_6; CR016; CR021; CR022

LIT: LC221; LC222; LC223; LC224; LC225; LC226; LC231; LC232; LC411; LC412; LC501; LC513

WIT: WD003, WD159, WD160, WD200 Advanced entry Year 2: WD003


We advise you to consult the CAO website – and to confirm specific entry requirements for Higher Education Institutions


QQI Level 6 awards may have advanced entry options into some

Higher Education Institutions



Career Opportunities

Careers in Information Technology and Computer Services. This course equips the student with the skills to work in all aspects of a fully computerised office.


Course specific Contact Details

For further details email: