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Jewellery & Art Metalcraft L6


QQI Art Metalwork Level 6, Code 6M4206

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If you want to continue your education in Art metalwork to a second year and achieve a QQI Level 6 award then you may. The emphasis of the course is self-learning and the practical side of the course is divided into four main modules – Jewellery Making, Silver-smithing, Surface Treatment and Metal Finishing. Each module has practical skills to be learned and a project cantered around a brief written by the student. The other part of the course is geared to improving skills such as Drawing design and communications.

Entry Requirements

QQI Level 5 Award in Art Metalwork or in a related area is required

Students should present examples of their creative work at interview


One year

  Student Charges

Fee exemptions may apply ⇒

 Student Services €250
 QQI Fee  €80
 Gov PLC Fee €200
 Materials  €70
TOTAL €600

Course Outline

Code Title
6N3446 Design skills
6N4205 Jewellery making
6N3985 Fine Metal Finishing
6N4026 Silversmithing
6N3986 Metal Surface Treatments
6N3569 Drawing
6N1950 Communications
6N1946 Work Experience


Work Placement/Experience

Participants will be required to undertake 10 days of work placement in a relevant location. The College will assist participants in identifying suitable placements.


Education Progression Opportunities

IADT and Dún Laoghaire : AD101, AD202, DL827


We advise you to consult the CAO website – and to confirm specific entry requriments for Higher Educaiton Institutions


QQI Level 6 awards may have advanced entry options into some Higher Education Institutions



Career Opportunities

Sells, designs, makes and repairs wearable and decorative or functional objects such as rings, earrings, necklaces, watches and tableware using both precious and non-precious metals and stones, and other materials such as glass, plastic, paper and fabrics.


Course specific Contact Details

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