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Design for 3D Print L6


QQI Architectural Technology and Design, Level 6, Code 6M4989

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This course has been designed to meet labour market needs due to the increased demand for 3D Designers and Printers in architectural, manufacturing, design, and printing areas.


The core technology of 3D printing isn’t new. The first 3D printed part will be 30 years old next year. However the technology whereby a 3D printer takes a digital file and turns it into a physical object. Undoubtedly it is a revolutionary approach in the production of products whereby manufacturing companies will change radically.


It is precisely within this labour market demand for up skilling and acquisition of design and software skills that this course is designed. The application of general principles of drawing practice, drawing standards and generate new and constructive ideas. CAD software such as Sketch UP, Revit and 3D Studio Max are essential software skills.  


Entry Requirements

QQI Level 5 Award in Design or in a related area is required


One-year full time

Course Outline

Code Title
N32867 3D Design Materials
A30222 Architectural Drawing and Presentation
6M4989 Architectural Model Making
6M4989 Building Technology and Design
A20012 Computer Aided Draughting
6N1950 Communications
6N3446 Design Skills
6N1946 Work experience


Work Placement/Experience

Participants will be required to undertake 10 days of work placement in a relevant location. The College will assist participants in identifying suitable placements.


Education Progression Opportunities

CIT: CR090

LIT: LC110


We advise you to consult the CAO website – and to confirm specific entry requirements for Higher Education Institutions.

QQI Level 6 awards may have advanced entry options into some Higher Education Institutions


Career Opportunities

Crafts-based ‘designer-makers’ create products that bring together art, form and functionality for commercial purposes.


Course specific Contact Details

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