Screening in St. John’s Central College at 8pm

Cork Cine Club presents Free Men( Les hommes libres) at 8pm in St. John’s Central College.

Inspired by true events, this gripping espionage drama recounts the often overlooked collaboration between Arab émigrés and the French Resistance during World War II. Its focus is a Muslim Algerian immigrant living in France who was inspired to join the resistance because of a friendship with a Jewish singer.
The exceptional heart-warming factor – Muslims rescuing Jews – is irresistibly moving, while weaving in cloak-and-dagger treachery, hot pursuits and nerve-wracking escapes under-pinned by moral and political issues.

Unemployed Algerian immigrant, Younges (Tahar Rahim) survives in 1942 Paris by working as a black marketeer, but like all who exist in such a precarious environment, he’s living on borrowed time. When the law finally catches up with him, he’s given the choice of prison or spying on the inhabitants of a local Mosque who are suspected of harbouring Jews and resistance fighters and passing them off as Muslims.
A born survivor, Younges initially works both sides, becoming a useful go-between for the Gestapo and the Mosque. But with the passing of time, events conspire to transform this hitherto apolitical cynic into a dedicated freedom activist who realizes that for change to occur he must, for the first time in his life, take a stand.
Free Men ( Les hommes libres). Dir: Ismaël Ferroukhi. France. 2011. 99 mins. Cert: 12A Language: French (subtitled).
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