Adult Ed/Night Courses

3D Printing For Multipurpose Design Fetac Level 5

Thursday 25/09/2014 22 Weeks €350
This course covers the basics of 3DPrinting. Application of 3D Printing Technology using user friendly software.Contact

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Night Class Coursework

All Night Class coursework must be collected from the Adult Education Department by Friday September 5th.  Coursework not collected beyond this date will be recycled!

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Kennel & Cattery Management Fetac Level 6


Wednesday Nights  19:00-22:00   Cost €390                 Starting Wednesday Sept 24th


Kennel & Cattery Management Fetac Level 6

This course will be of benefit to persons interested in starting their own Kennel and/or Cattery business.  Or for persons currently working in or managing a Kennel and/or Cattery environment.  


On completion of the course the following are the learning objectives each student will have gained knowledge of:

Demonstrate knowledge of the design, heating, exercise run, security, food preparation, record keeping, health, nutritional and hygiene requirements of animal housing establishments and how these relate to supervision of the daily routine. 
Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the theory pertinent to specialised animal housing and the needs of animals in this housing including, convalescence, quarantine and isolation units. 
Demonstrate compliance with the laws, regulations, health and safety requirements standard operating procedures and recommended best practice relating to the housing of animals and their care. 
Manage the basic needs of animals in kennel and catteries including bedding type, variety, positioning and use. 
Manage the exercise and mental stimulation requirements of animals in kennels and catteries to include the need for protection of animals from disease, injury, fear and stress while boarding. 
Manage common animal behavioural problems that may arise during boarding, demonstrating how to correct them, when to report them to a professional for help and when to contact the animal owner. 


Contact   Emer O Brien

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Jewellery ( June)

Starting Tue 03/06/2014    4 weeks €110                           10:00-13.00

This course is an introduction to the Jewellery trade proper.  It begins by working in base metals(not beads) and progresses to working in semi-precious stones and hopefully gold & silver.

Contact Chris Carroll

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Digital Marketing introduction

Starting Wednesday 01/10/2014   19:00-21:00 8 weeks cost €100

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand the fundamental digital marketing planning concepts for an organisation together with key factors involved with the implementation, evaluation and measurement of running successful Digital Marketing and Social Media campaigns.


Contact  Peter Desmond [] for details

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Professional Practice for Arts and Crafts Professionals

Wednesday Oct 1st 7:00-9:00 €100

Description: This course will explore the presentation, sales and marketing skills which artists and craftspeople need to successfully develop their practice.


Contact Francis McDonald Frances McDonald <>

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Cloud Computing Fetac Level 5

Thursdays Sept 25th 17:00-19:00 €350

This Cloud Computing course is designed to introduce students to the growing area of Cloud Computing. Students become familiar with the fundamentals of software programming in languages which are Cloud standards.

Contact Mary Looney

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Certified Evening/Leisure Courses 2014

A range of certified evening/leisure courses are now available to book online beginning September 2014.  Please take time to look at the Adult Education and Night Courses section of our website for further details.  Discounts are available for day students and people on social welfare.

Enrolment Details:

Apply online
By Post: (Cheque or Postal Order made payable to St Johns College) Send to Adult Ed Dept. St Johns Central College Sawmill St, Cork
Phone 021-4255561

Night Registration Wednesday Sept 17th 2014 from 18:00-19:00
Call to St johns College during office hours.

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Two New Fulltime Courses 2014

Design for 3D Print L6

ICT Technical Writing L5

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Digital Photography For Beginners

Wednesday  01/10/2014 8 weeks 19:00-21:00 €100

Beginners Digital Photography

This course is aimed at the beginner photographer to better understand your digital camera and create with confidence the types of photographs you’ve always wanted to make.  The course is designed to give you a guided ‘hands on’ tuition of your camera through short exercises and a field trip in the city over a weekend. Creative aspects of photography are introduced through class tutorials and group discussion to inspire you to compose better shots and go beyond basic ‘point and shoot’. To get the best out of the course you are encouraged to try out class lessons during the week for feedback on your own photographs.

Digital SLR’s, Bridge and Compact cameras are covered on this course. Over the 8 weeks the following content is mainly covered:

How photography is used in the world today
Camera features and controls explained
Getting exposure right and lighting techniques
Understanding composition and tips to compose better photographs
Introduction to portraiture, landscape, still life and documentary
Uploading, organizing and saving your photographs
Basic image editing techniques to enhance your pictures
Online photography social media


Colette Lewis

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