Starting 4/10/2017     10 weeks    20:00  to 22:00  €120

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Over the course of these wonderful and practical classes, participants will learn to – differentiate different types of books and how they can be reproduced, – set a basic book-binding station at home, – stitch and glue different types of book-blocks, – design and make different types of covers (using hard card, fabric, paper, fold over leather, ribbons, etc..), – repair beloved old books, – design their own project with the help of the teacher (artist’s sketchbooks, notebooks, portfolios, etc..).

Each student will be making and taking home an average of 4 to 8 books including repairs.

This is a very comprehensive workshop, which students can follow at their own pace, helped step by step by the experienced art teacher and bookbinder Laurie Legrand.

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