The course aim is to provide the student with knowledge, competence and ability to communicate and function correctly, feel comfortable speaking it.  I wish to highlight the Arabic culture and civilisation including socio-cultural courtesies and customs,  make him aware that there are different dialects in the Arabic region, at the same time all those countries comprehend classic Arabic that I will be providing.
Arabic language has very special sounds and shapes, learner must begin to imagine those shapes of the letters when they start writing from the right, know how to connect those letters from the beginning of the word, middle and the end.  Arabic has nothing to do with the latin. Arabic writing is like painting, it will take a little bit of time, but at the end they will be able to do it.
Learner will start using topics related to familiar areas of interest, produce simple connected sentences used in the street, travelling or filling an application, making and receiving a phone call. Learner will be able to recognise colours, weather, directions, measures, location, numbers, comparison, smell, apology, refusal, confirmation, requesting, accepting, sports comments etc.

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